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Professor Eduardo Fernandez


Eduardo Fernandez was born in Uruguay. From the early age of seven he begun his studies of guitar and later on he was taught by important guitarists and teachers such as Abel Carlevaro, Guido Santorsola and Hector Tosar. He participated and won prizes in numerous international competitions including in 1972 the Porto Alegre Competition in Brazil, in 1975 the Radio France Competition in Paris and in 1975 the Andres Segovia Competition in Mallorza, Spain, where he won the first prize.

He has performed widely in the USA, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, S.Korea, Hong Kong, the PRC as well as in Latin America. He is also very active in teaching and in giving masterclasses and has taught for several years at the University Conservatory in Montevideo, where he is now a research fellow. He has authored a book on guitar technique and is preparing a book on the lute music of Bach. In addition to his playing and teaching, Eduardo Fernandez also composes and is the artistic director of the biannual International Guitar Festival held in Montevideo.

His dscography is extensive and has made him a household name to all guitar-lovers across the world. Following his London debut in 1983, he signed an exclusive contract with Decca and made 18 recordings, which included solo albums as well as concerts with the English Chamber Orchestra and the London Philharmonic with a repertoire which covered Bach to contemporary composers. It is indicative of his popularity and importance that in Decca's collection "masters of Guitar" CD issued in 2002, in a selection of 27 pieces played by artists such as Segovia, Williams, Bream, the Romeros and others, 10 of these pieces were played by Fernandez. Other recordings include most of Paganini's works for guitar and violin with the Russian violinist A. Markow (Erato). Fernandez is currently an exclusive recording artist with the Arte Nova label and has issued the complete lute works of Bach and a recording of 19th century guitar pieces on a period instrument.



Professor Carlos Carzoglio


This wonderfully expressive Uruguyan baritone begun his studies in Uruguay and then worked with Denise Dupleix in the Bastille Opera in Paris. He continued his work in master classes with important singers such as Agnes Baltsa, Rockwell Blake, John Aller and others.

He has sung important  opera roles including the Magic Flute ( Papageno), Barber of Seville ( Bartolo) in various venues and productions in Montevideo, Santiago de Chile, and Porto Allegre in Brazil. Other operatic participations included Manon Lescaut, Don Giovanni, Carmen and Turandot

He is also extremely active in solo presentation. In 1996 and 1997 during Schubert's birth bicentennial he organised and sung 278 of the 600 songs composed by Schubert. His discography includes songs by Uruguayan composers and others.



Professor Valery Gerasimov


The talents of this Russian pianist extend well beyond the demanding art of an accompanist as he is an experienced chamber musician as well as a soloist and leader of the opera troupe of the Bolshoi. His current posts include an assistant professorship in piano at the Moscow Conservatory and at the Sakuyo University in Japan. He studied at the Moscow Conservatory where his teachers included T.Nikolaeva.




A Guitar and Voice Recital

Tuesday 28 March 2006, at 8:00 pm, City Hall Concert Hall




Part I: A guitar recital by Eduardo Fernandez

Fernando Sor  

Introduction and Variations on a theme of The Magic Flute - Op.9

Manuel M. Ponce

Tema Variado y Fina

Manuel M. Ponce

Variations and Fugue on the "Folias de Espana"

Part II: A voice recital by Carlos Carzoglio accompanied by Valery Gerasimov (piano)

All compositions by R. Schumann:

Mein Wagen rollet langsam   op 142 no.4   (Heine)
Des Sennen Abschied  op 79 no.22  (Schiller)
Stille Liebe  op 35 no.8  (Kerner)

Niemand   op25 no.22 (Burns)

Zum Schluss op 25 no.26 (Rűckert)
Ich grolle nicht  op48 no.7 (Heine)     
Trost im Gesang  op 142 no.1  (Kerner)
Der Spielmann  op40 no.4  (Andersen)
An den Mond  op 95 no.2  (Byron)
Meine Rose op90 n0.2 (Lenau)
Aus den ostlichen Rosen  op 25 no.25  (Rűckert)
Schneeglockchen  op79 no.26  (Rűckert)

Mit Myrten und Rosen  op24 no.9 (Heine)



Master classes

Professor Fernandez will conduct a guitar workshop/ master classes to take place at
TOM LEE MUSIC THEATRE 1, Cameron Lane, Tsim Sha Tsui, as follows:


29th March 06 

from 17:00 - 20:00

Thursday   30th March 06 from 17:00 - 20:00


31st March 06  from 17:00 - 20:00
Saturday  1st April 06 from 17:00 - 20:00
Monday   3rd April 06  from 17:00 - 20:00
Tuesday  4th April 06    from 17:00 - 20:00
Wednesday   5th April 06  from 17:00 - 20:00
Thursday   6th April 06  from 17:00 - 20:00
Friday  7th April 06  from 17:00 - 20:00
Saturday   8th April 06 from 17:00 - 20:00


Attendance to the workshop/master classes will be free of charge for those completing attendance to all 10 sessions of the workshop but enrolment is necessary and a deposit of HKD 500 will be required, which will be refunded in cash upon completion of the 10 sessions of the workshop. Those wishing to attend only some sessions of the workshop can do so having enrolled and paid this deposit, but the Chopin Society will not refund the money and the HKD 500 will be kept by the Chopin Society .

These regulations will not apply to those travelling from outside Hong Kong and no deposit will be required thus taking into account the expenses involved in travelling and accommodation. For information and enrolment, please send your particulars and inquiries to the Chopin Society of Hong Kong at or by fax :2810-0465 Simultaneous translation into Cantonese  will be provided by Kenneth Kwan

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