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Monday 11 October 2004, at 8.00 pm  Shatin Concert Hall

The Lady Kadoorie Master Teachers Series



Eduardo Fernandez

Eduardo Fernandez was born in Uruguay. From the early age of seven he begun his studies of guitar and later on he was taught by important guitarists and teachers such as Abel Carlevaro, Guido Santorsola and Hector Tosar. He participated and won prizes in numerous international competitions including in 1972 the Porto Alegre Competition in Brazil, in 1975 the Radio France Competition in Paris and in 1975 the Andres Segovia Competition in Mallorza, Spain, where he won the first prize.

He has performed widely in the USA, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, S.Korea, Hong Kong, the PRC as well as in Latin America. He is also very active in teaching and in giving masterclasses and has taught for several years at the University Conservatory in Montevideo, where he is now a research fellow. He has authored a book on guitar technique and is preparing a book on the lute music of Bach. In addition to his playing and teaching, Eduardo Fernandez also composes and is the artistic director of the biannual International Guitar Festival held in Montevideo.

His dscography is extensive and has made him a household name to all guitar-lovers across the world. Following his London debut in 1983, he signed an exclusive contract with Decca and made 18 recordings, which included solo albums as well as concerts with the English Chamber Orchestra and the London Philharmonic with a repertoire which covered Bach to contemporary composers. It is indicative of his popularity and importance that in Decca's collection "masters of Guitar" CD issued in 2002, in a selection of 27 pieces played by artists such as Segovia, Williams, Bream, the Romeros and others, 10 of these pieces were played by Fernandez. Other recordings include most of Paganini's works for guitar and violin with the Russian violinist A. Markow (Erato). Fernandez is currently an exclusive recording artist with the Arte Nova label and has issued the complete lute works of Bach and a recording of 19th century guitar pieces on a period instrument.


Fernando Sor     ?Sonata No.2, op.25 (Andante Largo ?Allegro non troppo ?  

                               Andantino Gracioso ?Minuetto:Allegro)


Luigi Legnani      ?10 caprices from op.20.




Ana Torres         - 1001 caras.


Astor Piazzola    - 5 Piezas (Campero ?Romantico ?Acentuado ? Triston ?Compadre)




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Mr. Fernandez will be giving a course to take place at TOM LEE MUSIC THEATRE 1, Cameron Lane, Tsim Sha Tsui, as follows:


Monday, October 4           h18:00 to h21:00                Topic: New Ideas on Mechanism

Tuesday, October 5           h18:00 to h21:00                          in Guitar

Wednesday, October 6      h18:00 to h21:00

Thursday, October 7         h 18:00 to h21:00

Friday, October 8              h 18:00 to h21:00

Saturday, October 9           h 18:15 to h21:00




Tuesday, October 12         h18:00 to h21:00                Topic: Technique and Methodology                                                                                               

Wednesday,October 13     h18:00 to h21:00                           of learning

Thursday, October 14       h18:00 to h21:00

Friday, October 15            h18:00 to h21:00

Saturday, October 16        h18:15 to h21:00



This course will be free of charge for those attending all 11 sessions of the course.

However, a cheque of HK$ 500 will have to be sent together with the registration form (details below). At the end of the 11 sessions of the course, the HK$ 500 will be paid back in cash to all those who will have attended all 11 sessions. The Chopin Society will not refund the money to those having missed one or more sessions of the course.


During these 11 days, Maestro Fernandez will be giving Masterclasses. Anybody can attend the masterclasses as audience, free of charge. Those wanting to play during the masterclasses will have to indicate their intention to participate to the secretary of the Chopin Society and will have to have registered for the course, except in those cases decided by Mr. Fernandez. Master Fernandez will conduct a series of mini auditions in order to select  those who will be playing during the Masterclasses . Each person who registered to play during the masterclasses will be notified of the time when the auditions will take place. Masterclasses will take place on Tuesday 5th,  Thursday 7th,  Saturday 9th, Tuesday 12th, Thursday 14th and Saturday 16th in the morning at the TOM LEE MUSIC THEATRE 1, Cameron Lane, Tsim Sha Tsui.

 A list with the finalized timetable will be distributed during the first day of the course: Monday 4th October.


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The HK$ 500 should be paid in the following account:



Account Name: The Chopin Society of Hong Kong,

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The Deposit Slip should be sent to the address above together with an application form


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